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Experience ease and convenience when transporting your car with Futura lowering trailers.

Transporting cars with low ground clearance can be challenging most of the time. The probability of getting caught on low obstacles and getting their undercarriage damaged is high. The good thing is that there are pieces of equipment you can now use, thanks to fast-moving technology.

At Destin Imports, we understand the challenge of transporting automobiles with low ground clearance. We partner with Futura Trailers to provide the residents of Colorado with top-notch lowering trailers. With the most inventive technology, Futura lowering trailers offer convenience and ease.

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Futura Trailers

Futura Trailers offers a variety of lowering trailers born from a desire to optimize time at the track. They are designed by car and racing enthusiasts, so they really do eliminate the challenges of transporting cars. Here are some of the lowering trailers we offer at Destin Imports:

Club Sport

Club Sport fits small to medium-sized vehicles. It is lightweight, fantastic to tow, and easy to move around—but it has an impressive capacity of 2,600 lbs. The components are made of heavy-duty metal bolted onto a structural-grade, anodized aluminum chassis with solid aircraft rivets.

Super Sport

Super Sport is an excellent option for racing enthusiasts. It stands among the most versatile models, as it fits all cars, including supercars. This lowering trailer comes with a great design that lets you load or unload your car even without it being connected to a tow vehicle. On top of that, it has a capacity of 5,678 lbs.

Pro Sport

Pro Sport is the trailer of choice for classic car owners. It comes with a capacity of 5,534 lbs and a long deck that makes it suitable for large vehicles and motorsport applications. With numerous tie-down options, removable fenders, and simple latching systems, this lowering trailer is sure to offer maximum convenience.

Super Tourer

Super Tourer is the most versatile and lightest lowering trailer available on the market today. This durable lowering trailer is engineered using the most advanced technology and constructed from the highest-quality anodized aluminum. It’s the world’s first enclosed lowering trailer that functions without the need for tilting decks or ramps.

Futura Lowering Trailer Features

Futura lowering trailers are some of the most innovative products on the market today. With inventive designs and superior materials, they offer the most enjoyable and easiest trailer experience. Here are some of the impressive features you get to enjoy when you invest in Futura lowering trailers:

  • Remote-Controlled Lowering and Raising Technology
  • Solar Panel Battery Charger
  • Premium Quality Deck with 6005-T6 Aluminum Interlocking Panels
  • 3-Degree Approach Angle

Premium Accessories

For maximum convenience, Futura lowering trailers also come with quality accessories, including the following:

  • Lockable Tire Rack – This accessory is perfect for racing enthusiasts who always bring extra tires for extra security.
  • Rock Guard – Protect your load from dents and scratches caused by debris with this rock guard.
  • Recovery Winch For an effortless winching experience, whether on or off the trailer, this accessory has you covered!
  • Adjustable Tie-Downs – Keep your car secure with a proper set of adjustable tie-downs. This is a must-have for all car owners.
  • Mounted Spare Wheel – Your trailer needs a spare handy, too. This accessory is mounted under the deck, so it’s cleverly hidden for aesthetic purposes.

What Makes Futura Lowering Trailers the Right Choice

Futura lowering trailers are the best evolution of over 60 years of heritage in trailer manufacturing. Glen Reid, the CEO/founder, uses his in-depth knowledge of structural design, top-notch quality materials, and superior manufacturing techniques to ensure the highest standards in every piece of equipment they put out.

The Reid family started the business in 1956 and has gained extensive experience manufacturing trailers. They don’t copy designs; they innovate using their knowledge. The family continues to provide trailer solutions that stand the test of time. Over time, they’ve grown to be one of New Zealand’s most trusted and respected trailer brands.

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