Futura Trailer Dealership

Futura Trailer Dealership Experience ease and convenience when transporting your car with Futura lowering trailers. Transporting cars with low ground clearance can be challenging most of the time. The probability of getting caught on low obstacles and getting their undercarriage damaged is high. The good thing is that there are pieces of equipment you can […]

All Factory Scheduled Maintenance Service & Repair

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Factory-Scheduled Maintenance Service and Repair Find out if your car is still in peak condition by bringing it in for factory-scheduled maintenance service and repair. Factory-scheduled maintenance service and repair refers to a guide listing maintenance works that your car manufacturer recommends be done every 30,000 miles or more. It is essential that the maintenance […]

Factory Diagnostic

Factory Diagnostics Maintain your car in good running condition by completing factory diagnostics. Modern vehicles are characterized as highly computerized, and this allows car technicians to perform more accurate factory diagnostics. For luxury cars, such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, diagnostic tests can easily detect unseen damage. A diagnostic scan, for example, reads all BMW service-related […]

Differential Service

Differential Service Set a different driving standard with a comprehensive differential service from Destin Imports. The differential is an integral part of your car, as it allows you to turn without difficulty. Its fluid, however, can become dirty, so you’ll need a differential service to replace it. The service involves draining the old differential oil […]

Transmission Service

Transmission Service Expect driving excellence when you get the best transmission service. Car transmission service is an essential part of every routine car care, similar to an oil change. It involves flushing out the old transmission fluid and replacing it with a new set. The service can also include cleaning and inspecting the sump pump, […]

Cabin Filters

Cabin Filters Keep the air inside your car cabin clean and safe with top-notch cabin filter service from Destin Imports. Most car engines today are equipped with cabin filters. Over time, these filters can become dirty and lead to clogs, consequently affecting the performance of your car’s HVAC system. They need to be replaced, and […]

Air Conditioning Service

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Air Conditioning Service Keep your car cool and fresh while driving with the help of an efficient air conditioning service. Mercedes-Benz has an enhanced air conditioning system, which not only keeps you cool but also makes the car fabulously fragrant. BMW, on the other hand, has an automatic climate control air conditioning system with dual-zone […]

Oil Changes

Oil Changes Keep your car running smoothly by getting regular and oil change services. BMW and Mercedes-Benz are the two top European luxury and sports car manufacturers. They both offer exciting models, including powerful sports cars and compact SUVs. These iconic automakers compete in various segments of the industry, sometimes with multiple models competing to […]